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American Interpreters , Corporation
Language: Arabic Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language Combinations:

All Major languages ( Interpretation and Translation).Arabic/English and Vice Versa  (Oral and Written), Japanese/English/Arabic and vice versa, French/Arabic/English, Italian/English/Arabic, German/English and Bengali/English.

Fields of Speciality:

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ATA Certification:
Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:

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Registered with the  state administrative office as well as the federal court. 

International Certification:


Some of our professionals  obtained BA from Arabic speaking country (Medium of Instruction is Arabic). Some have master degrees. Others ha

Member Description:

We are proud to specialize in various fields. We have translators and interpreters for Major languages who are professionals as lawyers, doctors, instructors, mediators and consultants. Our specialities include court and depositioins, inter-faith, public health, nutrition, engineering, websites' translation, software apps and video games, financial and technical and many other areas.

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Our competent  team members  are  comprised of in-house and freelance interpreters, translators, certified/approved bilingual teachers, ESL Trainers, interpreters' trainers, proofreaders, quality assurance and project managers, web programmers and cross-culture brokers/specialists, all with solid professional background in the art of language translation,  and interpretation (Some have master and doctorate degrees).

Some of our working professionals are approved by various US departments such as US State Department as independant language contractors. They also  provide high-quality services to many types of companies ranging from small sizes to large ones throughout the nation and the world. 

To fill up the state needs, we have  state certified/approved court interpreters who can work for the Federal (bankruptcy), circuit and district courts and  Government agencies (INS).

It is worthy to note that our interpreters are native  speakers with educational background on accent reduction, accent neutralization, accent modification and voice improvement.

According to the research, accents do not court as long as the speaker makes himself / herself clear and easy to be understood.



The relationship between the level of acculturation in American (English-Speaking) culture and language proficiency in Arabic among adolescents.

Three Interpretatin and Translaltion courses


City: Dearborn, MI 48127 State: MI
Country: USA Zip Code: 48120
Phone: 313-349-2998 Fax: 313-247-8576
Cell Phone: 313-247-8576
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