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Gomez-Reamer, Osaine
Language: SPANISH Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language: FRENCH Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language Combinations:

English, French into Spanish.

Fields of Speciality:

Areas: Legal, medical, business, automotive, voice over.

Automotive: Voice Recognition Technician. Multimedia Test Technician.

Job: On-site translation service for:

-GUI- Graphical User Interface

-DID- Driver Information Display

-POI- Point-of-Interest (Navigation)

-VUI- Voice User Interface

Duties: Work with engineering and design teams to:

-Create translation tables for database use to confirm consistency with Voice User Interface (VUI).

-Clarify, apply and implement such translations on target devices GUI, DID, POI.

-Visualize such translations on target devices to verify/confirm accuracy, context, text space, etc.

-Test and validate POI interaction (speech/text) shared between Graphical User Interface and Voice User Interface.

-Perform revision, verification and validation of speech/text as needed.

-Provide In-vehicle feedback by testing all features: Radio, GPS Navi, Phone and Bluthooth connected devices as well as determining the multimedia systems responsiveness by delivering specific voice commands in the target language and evaluating the responsiveness to those commands. Testing can be conducted with specific vehicles while they are parked, on the road or using a test bench.



-Translations related to privacy practices, patient's rights/obligations guidelines, medical procedures, post-surgery recovery reports, resources/support system for patients and family. Interpretation for medical appointments, physical rehab sessions and Independent Medical Examination (IME) involving slip/fall injuries, workplace accidentes, car accidents among others.

- Court interpreting for Social Security Administration (SSA-ODAR) desability cases as well as depositions, case review, hearings, bench trials and pre trials at Distric Court.



-Translations of company profile/structure, business plans, operation costs sheets, contract agreements, sales correspondence and financial profiles.

-Consecutive/Simultaneous interpretation in conferences, training seminars and workshops covering business,  international relations, labor, telecommunications, among others.


ATA Certification:
Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:
International Certification:




Member Description:

I'm a Michigan-based interpreter/translator covering medical, legal and business areas (English, French into Spanish). I hold a French language Bachelor Degree and an Associate of English Degree. I also have related medical education in the field of Massage Therapy and hold a license to practice in the state of Michigan.

City: Davison State: MI
Country: US Zip Code: 48423
Cell Phone:
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