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Hernandez, Emma
Language: Spanish Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
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Medical & Legal

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Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:

Oakland County Court Interpreter List . Category II

State Court Qualify

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Member Description:

My experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, has given me the skills and knowledge needed, to basically understand many standard procedures and prescriptions recommended for common illnesses, which helped with a better understanding of people's health care needs. By being in charge of the importation of raw materials for the manufacture of medicines produced in our plant, I needed to know the use of each one of the raw materials (active ingredients) imported and handled. Although I studied in the U.S.A, I was born and raised in Venezuela, being very aware of Latin American cultural issues. As part of the Imports Department, I coordinated all the Latin American markets where there was  a manufacturing plant, or a supply point, giving me first hand experience on dealing with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures.

Working for the CCCHD (Clark County Combined Health District) in the whole range of different services provided (Women clinic/STD/TB/Shots clinics), the home and doctor visits with the TOTS/MOMS programs (Making Outcomes More Successful) for pregnant teens and high risk women, Clark County HELP ME GROW and Clark County EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES, the annual Health Fairs for the Immigrants, the home/doctor and therapy visits with   MRDD (Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability-) and Mental Health, gave me the experience and the skills to work with different kinds of people based on their needs and services available. Being able to access their situation and establish goals for their achievements while giving support and following up with the case in order to assure a satisfactory outcome. Working together, hand by hand, making monthly /bimonthly home visits to the Hispanic clients with the Community Care Coordinators/Nurses/Social workers, advocates and  support agencies  from the different government programs available and also from the private sector , gave me a vast experience and understanding of the culture of the Hispanic population  in the USA and its  needs. As well as, the basic knowledge  of  the policies and procedures of the programs needed to work in this field  and with these agencies (available services, regulations, paper work, etc.) Working with the Juvenile Court -District Court and Circuit Court in a variety of settings (arraignments, trials, sentencing, mediation,depositions) gave me the opportunity to provide quality interpreting and translation services in the legal field.

In all these above mentioned activities I had the opportunity to translate a large range of documents for many different fields and contents.

As an Interpreter/translator I have a clear understanding of the ethics and code of conduct, proper behavior, responsibilities and limitations that come when working with individuals in any specific work field.


City: Canton State: MI
Country: USA Zip Code: 48188
Cell Phone: 269-365-4422
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