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Marston, John
Language: French Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  No   
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Fields of Speciality:

Business, Marketing, Video Games, International Aid, Literary

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Member Description:

I translate from French to English (US). My translation and editing experience is mainly in the fields of marketingbusinessvideo games, and literature

In the literary field, I translated the romantic thriller novel Guard Thy Heart (, and co-translated a suspense novel entitled Terror over the Vatican ( Both were at least 250 pages.

In video games, I have translated a fantasy role-playing game for the PC (~40,000 words), an online multiplayer game (~20,000 words), and a beat-'em-up game set in an alternate Soviet Russia (~10,000 words).

Below is a short list of some other freelance projects I've completed.


• video game and marketing content for a large transmedia company in France (~100,000 words)
• marketing analysis for an upcoming space-fantasy action RPG (7,350 words)
• synopsis, character descriptions, and a demo script for an indie PC game (20,000 words)
• handwritten surveys taken by Malian villagers on farming strategies in response to climate change (~18,000 words)
• website of a company specializing in wearable tech (3,740 words)
• user interface of a human resources management application
• mock video game review of a PS4 game (1,320 words)
• auditing forms for a multinational bank (~1,800 words)


• online marketing and legal content for a large manufacturer of mobile devices; Global English to US English (~100,000 words)
• corporate website promoting self-esteem in girls (~30,000 words)
• UK to US English localization of luxury watch ads
• return policy for a large retailer
• annual account statements for a foundation
• internal review survey

I have collaborated on volunteer projects as a member of the translation team Solidarités, charged with translating documentation for the French international aid NGO Solidarités International. I've also lent my translation skills to Translators without Borders, helping such non-profits as Inter'Lude and Les Enfants du Mékong.

I hold a BA with Honors in French from Grand Valley State University (Allendale, Michigan, USA; 2010). In 2008, I studied at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France, and took courses in French Culture and Modern French History.

In 2016 I earned a Certificate in Translation (FR>EN) from New York University - School of Professional Studies, as part of which I took the following courses: Technical TranslationCommercial Translation ICommercial Translation IICAT Tools and Terminology Management, and Literary Translation.

In addition to translation and editing, I'm familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and subtitling.

Personal interests include: art and design, social sciences, psychology, gender and LGBT studies.

City: Grand Rapids State: Michigan
Country: United States Zip Code: 49503
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