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Professional Language Services, N/A
Language: All Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language Combinations:

Arabic ( Iraqi, Jordanian. Lebanese, Yamenis, Egyptian and the Gulf)

Fields of Speciality:

Legal ( depositions, and trials) 

Medical ( BTG Certified) 

ATA Certification:
Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:
International Certification:

Bachalor in Translation

Member Description:

our interpreters come from a diverse and educated background, most of them have aquiered college degrees and many years of experiance

our interpreters fully understand and apply both legal and medical termonology

Culture Brokers; our interpreters are well aware and fameliaer of thier own culture as well as the American legal and social inviroment, and are ready to clarify and solv all language barriers.

Our medical interpreters are certified and ready to conduct any medical sessiom weather it is  IME or any  complicated medical procedure

We offer an over the phone, Sky pe , tango Viber interpreting service for urgent and non urgent cases.


City: Northville State: MI
Country: USA Zip Code: 48167
Cell Phone:
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