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Hussain, Arif
Language: Punjabi Translation:  No    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language: Hindi Translation:  No    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language: Urdu Translation:  No    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language Combinations:
Fields of Speciality:
ATA Certification:
Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:

SCAO Qualified Interpreter in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

International Certification:
Member Description:

(1)I was certified after test & other formalities by DHS as an interpreter in late 2001. Since then I am affiliated with LionBridge who are contractor for DHS & I am sub-contractor. I am certified both for telephonic & onsite interpretations. (2)Besides DHS, I also started working as a freelance interpreter in Michigan Courts in the three languages. I am working both as independent & on assignment basis for SAOC approved interpretation companies. I WAS QUALIFIED BY SCAO IN 2007 IN THE THREE LANGUAGES AS THE ONLY ONE IN MICHIGAN.

City: Superior Township State: MI
Country: USA Zip Code: 48198
Cell Phone: 734-812-2873
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