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Rahal, Samerah
Language: Arabic Translation:  Yes    Interpreting:  Yes   
Language Combinations:

Arabic< >English

Fields of Speciality:

All fields of interpretation

ATA Certification:
Michigan Court Certified Interpreter:
International Certification:

Certified, qulaified by the State of Michigan

Member Description:

I interpret for all district County, Federal and Criminal Circuit courts. I schedule my priorities and perform effectively to accomplish all tasks at hand. I translate under the guidelines of the United States Justice Department.  I am a member of Michigan Translator’s Interpreter’s Network (MITIN).


My strengths and qualifications are as follows:


  • Familiar with all Arabic dialects — working knowledge of both written and verbal forms.
  • Strong leadership qualities. I was the interpreter liaison for all interpreters for Department of Justice interpreters; trained and evaluated them for fluency, accent, grammar skills, professionalism, and knowledge of court terminology.
  • Attend annual out-of-state conferences for interpreter liaisons across the country.
  • Retain a broad perspective of Arab people, culture, and customs, as well as Arab-American diplomatic relations.
  • Computer literate in most popular software, including Microsoft Word, and Excel.
  • Preserve personal clearance with Homeland Security to work with the Federal Government (Immigration telephonic and custom officers.)
  • Interpret cases that deal with political asylum, voluntary deportation, and suspension of deportation local and nationwide.
  • Interpret depositions that deal with legal and regulatory issues through law offices and attorneys—lawsuits, insurance settlements, correctional facilities local and nationwide, polygraph testing.
  • Translate cases for Social Security Administration.
  • Travel upon request. Traveled to over 15 states across the country.
  • Interpret psychological/psychiatric/and physical evaluations for physicians, and insurance companies.
City: Dearborn Heights State: MI
Country: USA Zip Code: 48127
Cell Phone: 313-617-0540
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