2018 Regional Conference on Interpreting and Translation

October 6, 2018 The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Novi


2018 Regional Conference on Interpreting and Translation

Keynote Address


The Interpreter's Voice

Keynote Speaker: Athena Matilsky


Alone at their computers, translators can find the profession to be rather lonely; a day may go by without uttering a word to another human being. Interpreters, while more socially interactive by necessity, often still feel isolated and disconnected from their colleagues. However, by connecting with one another and finding strength in numbers, we can improve our profession. Today, we’re going to talk about how translation and interpretation came into being, and what our impact is upon the world at large. Tracing our history from the first written translation and the first professional interpreters, we’re going to discuss present-day triumphs and challenges, and where we can go from here. This starts right here, right now, at this conference. Your key is you!


Translation Track


General Data Protection Regulations

Elke Kramer


This presentation is a short introduction to the GDPR, Europe's new privacy and personal data protection regulation that became effective end of May of this year. The reason for having chosen this topic is that this new law does not just apply to European citizens in the EU but also includes our work outside of the EU, namely in the US. Because it has an effect on our every day work it may be interesting to learn more about this regulation. 


Interpreting Track


Trust Your Memory: Consecutive Interpretation

Athena Matilsky


Have you ever found yourself with a page of notes in front of you but absolutely no recollection of what the speaker just said? This workshop rejects the notion that notes are the most important part of consecutive interpretation. Indeed, if we do not listen well in the first place, notes are of no use to us. We will discuss what impedes us from listening properly, and how to maximize our skills of visualization and attentive listening so that our retention improves significantly, all without putting pen to paper. Participants will leave the workshop with practical strategies for improving their consecutive interpreting skills.


Business Track