2017 Regional Conference on Interpreting and Translation

October 7, 2017 The Novi Oaks Hotel


2017 Conference on Interpreting and Translation

Keynote Address


Translation and Interpreting in the Age of Innovation: Are you pining for the past or charging ahead?

Keynote Speaker: Barry S. Olsen

Language services (translation and interpreting) and technology are only becoming more intertwined. Thanks to growing demand and breakthrough technology, interpreters are beginning to deliver their services in new ways, and translators are facing an entirely new frontier of computer assisted translation with the advent of artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. Language services, which were once a cottage industry, now garner the attention of everyone from corporate executives to Silicon Valley startups. But what does that mean for individual translators and interpreters and the professions in general? How will technological innovation affect the way you work or how you find work? Where are things headed? Should you be worried or excited? Join Professor Barry Slaughter Olsen (InterpretAmerica and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies) as he takes a look back at our relationship with technology over the last 100 years and draws conclusions on what this may mean for our profession's future.  


Translation Track


Let’s Talk about Machine Translation

Presented by Rick Woyde

Machine Translation has the potential to be the most disruptive development in translation history. With big players like Google, Microsoft and now Facebook all making huge investments, what does the future portend for translators? Is machine translation a friend or foe to translators?

In this presentation we’ll discuss the impact of machine translation and how translators can prepare themselves for the future.


Interpreting Track


Technology for Interpreters

Workshop conducted by Barry S. Olsen

In years past, most interpreting was a technology-free endeavor. Pen, paper and an interpreter’s keen mind and languages were the tools of the trade. No more. While these still constitute the core of what we do, technological innovations have changed how and where we interpret. In this workshop, participants will learn about the overall technological landscape of the interpreting profession, discuss the pros and cons of recent innovations, and try out some of the new technologies in use today. If you are looking to get up to date on interpreting technology, this is the workshop for you!   

Business Track


Employee vs. Independent Contractor Issue

Presented by Douglas J. Strock

Gain a deeper understanding on the effort to allow Language Service Companies to operate under both employee and independent contractor business models. Learn why the industry relies upon both models and what various LSC owners in other states are going through when it comes to government reclassification audits. Hear why this is important to the Independent Contractors too, not just the LSC owner. Find out what you can do to help the effort move forward in Michigan to protect businesses against reclassification efforts.