Social Unrest

The latest social events and unrest saddens MiTiN’s Board of Directors. 

Some of our members may have experienced prejudice and discrimination; and as an organization, MiTiN denounces and objects to all social inequality and unfairness.

We believe that in our role as interpreters and translators, we connect with people in a variety of ways and assist all voices to be heard, considered, and supported.  MiTiN is proud of our diverse community where service and education are prized; and we stand united and accept people of all races, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. 

We are all fortunate to be part of an extremely diverse group of people and celebrate and promote the learning and understanding of the wide-ranging upbringing of all our members.  We encourage our members to listen, share ideas, dialogue, and work towards a more accepting society.  

Lastly, we thank you once again, for your membership and service to others.   MiTiN is working to provide high quality learning and resources to our members as soon as we are allowed.

Stay safe.



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