SCAO – Renewal Registration & Continuing Education Hours

MCR 8.127(C)(1) requires all certified and qualified interpreters to renew their registration annually with the State Court Administrative Office.
The deadline for timely renewal is September 1.  Due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Board is granting an extension to December 31, 2020, to submit your 10 continuing education hours (CEHs).  You must still process your renewal by September 1 to avoid the $100 late fee.  Submit the continuing education hours that you have received to date at the time of renewal.  Submission of all 10 CEHs will set the expiration date of your credentials at September 30, 2021.  Submission of less than 10 CEHs will set the expiration of your credentials at December 31, 2020.  Once you have submitted documentation that completes your outstanding continuing education hours, you will be issued new credentials that expire on September 30, 2021.
If you fail to complete your required continuing education hours, you will be asked to return your credentials and your name will be removed from our website.  Failure to return your expired credentials may result in a hearing before the Foreign Language Board of Review.

All renewals must be processed online through the Configio Interpreter database.  The renewal fee is $30. Paper applications will not be accepted. The system will accept debit and credit card payments; however, payment by check or money order is still available.
Payments made by check or money order must be postmarked no later than September 1 or they are subject to an additional $100 late fee ($130 total). Payments postmarked after September 1 that do not include the additional $100 late fee will be returned.
Make check/money order payable to the State of Michigan, and mail to: Certification, P.O. Box 30048, Lansing, MI 48909.
Login to your online account and process your renewal as follows:
Navigate to the login screen:
Click on the Login button at the top of the page.  Enter your e-mail address (the same e-mail address at which you received this notification) and your password and click on the blue Login button.
If you have forgotten your password, Click on the link provided to select a new one. The system will e-mail a temporary password and will automatically take you to the login screen. In a separate browser window, open your e-mail to retrieve your password.  Then go back to the login page.  If you choose to copy and paste the password, please make sure there are no trailing spaces before or after the password when you paste it into the password field. Otherwise the system will not detect it as a valid password.
When you have logged in, click on the “Account” dropdown menu in the black bar at the top of the page. Click on “My Account”. Then click on “My Account Information” in the gray box on the left-hand side of the page.
Make sure all of the information fields are filled in correctly. Update any information that is incorrect and click the “Save” button on the bottom right-hand side of the page to save your changes.
Now you are ready to process your registration renewal.  (NOTE: If you are registered as an interpreter and are also the owner of a registered firm, you will be required to process your interpreter registration and firm registrations separately.)
From the black bar that runs across the top of the page, select the dropdown box titled “Renewals”. Select “Annual Interpreter Registration Renewal.” (FIRMS:  Select “Interpreter Firm Renewal Registration”).
Fill in all the fields.
Upload documentation of your continuing education hours. (FIRMS:  Upload your roster of interpreters).   NOTE:  You will need to scan these documents to your computer, save them, and then use the “Choose File” button to select the file from your computer. Then click the “Upload” button to upload your file.
Click on the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page.
Click on the “Checkout” button to select your payment method.
Complete the Affirmation and, using your mouse, sign the affirmation, click “Save & Continue”.
Enter your credit/debit card information to pay by credit/debit card OR if paying by check/money order, click on the box under the “Pay Later” option. Click “Save & Continue”.
On the next screen, click on the “Process Order” button to complete your renewal. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Please remember to Logout of your account.
Here is the link to the login page in case you need to log back into the system:

If you have any issues, please contact Denice at



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